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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

What About Your Mattresses? Do you really need a new mattress. When you arise in the morning does your body ache? Body aches after resting the night on an innerspring mattress is a strong indication that it may be time to start looking for a new mattress. But the signs of a mattress loosing its shape and comfort can be detected sooner.

These simple tests can help you discover if your mattress is still giving you the comfort you need:

• Lie on your back and try to slide your hand under the small of your back. If it is very easy and your shoulders and hips are uncomfortable, you may want to consider a new mattress.

• Try to roll over. If it is a lot of effort your mattress may be too soft and a new mattress may be a solution for a more comfortable night's sleep, and well rested awakening in the morning.

Another sign of a mattress losing its comfort is when it takes longer to feel rested as you start to sleep later and later. Staying a couple of hours longer in bed can extend the result a poorly performing mattress that wouldn't otherwise be noticed with a shorter or normal sleep period.

Once you have decided that your mattress is no longer giving you the comfort that it should give, the search for a new mattress commences. The quality of a mattress is recognizable by the following:

Quality Mattress Indicators


Quality materials which are well put together are a sign of durability, but more importantly is the warrantees given which are a sign of how long the factory believes the life expectancy of the mattress is.

Depending on the price level of the mattress, warrantees should be for 5 years for promotional priced queen beds ($199 to $599), 10 years for middle of the road quality ($699 to $999), 15 years for premium quality ($1,199 to $2,999) and 20 years for true luxury beds ($3,199 to $12,999).

Softness and Firmness

The required softness or firmness of a mattress is a personal preference and most people know exactly what they want. They either like a softer or harder mattress. Often weight is a consideration when choosing the firmness of a mattress. Large or very heavy adults generally prefer firmer mattresses that provide them with more support. When buying a mattress for a child, remember back problems start as the spinal cord develops, saving money now may cost you in the long run. Children generally like a softer mattress and promotionally priced twin sets have less support and more pressure points than premium priced products.


As mentioned before, the warrantee should be of considerable time, at least 5 years and up-to 20 years for true luxury beds. The duration of the warrantee is just one factor. Most warranties are ‘limited” warranties and have body impressions restrictions before the manufacturer will service the product. Very few manufacturers have 100% no questions asked warranties so its very important to read the warranty before you purchase, most manufacturers have web sites with the warranty posted, do not take some ones word for it in a retail store, get it in writing and know your rights, buyer beware. Also look for things like no shipping fees in case of a problem, no repair costs, replacement mattresses for free, etc.


Last but not least, space! Look for the largest mattress your room can hold and you can afford. When sleeping together with your partner, space is not only going to make your nights more comfortable, but may also keep your relationship at a healthy level. In case you're buying a mattress for your child, keep in mind that your child will outgrow a short mattress. A 74 inch mattress length may be great now, but ten years from now their feet may be floating in the air.

Once you have purchased your mattress, maintenance is important to make your mattress last as long as specified by the manufacturers guarantee. The following tips are helpful to make your mattress last longer:

• Can-Flip Innerspring mattresses should be turned over and rotated monthly.

• No-Flip Innerspring mattress should be rotated bi-monthly. • All foam mattresses should be rotated monthly.

• Never wet an innerspring or all foam mattresses. Use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.

• The handles on a mattress are there for positioning and should not be used to lift or carry the mattress.

• Obviously, do not try to fold or bend an innerspring mattress, luxury foam mattresses are bendable. • Sitting on the edge of innerspring or all foam mattresses is not good for its durability. Mattresses are designed to carry the weight of a person lying down and not to support somebody sitting on the edge for long periods of time.

• Make sure the mattress is placed on a matching foundation and 5-leg bed frame for queen sizes or larger. All foam mattresses are heaver than traditional innerspring, so foundations are very important, the wrong type will cost you your warranty. A mattress is only as good as its foundation no mater what you spend.

A mattress is the place where you spend about 30% of your lifetime during those moments that comfort is of your highest priority. Knowing the important factors is essential. Children that get a better night’s sleep do better in school and are easier to manage. Adult’s health is mostly determined by the quality of rest they receive especially in high stress work places. Buying online is an excellent way to purchase a new mattress as long as the company offers 100% no non-sense comfort guarantees with no re-stocking and shipping charges.

About the author: Thomas Jay Wacker is the General Manager and V.P. of Wacker has over 20 years experience in the home furnishing industry and leads the Wacker Management Team in Denver Colorado.